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WhatsApp is launched on January 21st, 2015. It is a free application available for all smartphones. It was bought by Facebook in February 2014 for almost a whopping 19.3 billion dollars in cash and stock. WhatsApp was officially the world’s most popular and most used application in 2015, and as of February 2020, WhatsApp has over 2 billion current users. It might be little-known in the United States, but it is a part of everyday life in every other part of the world and the most popular application.

WhatsApp Messenger application was the first-ever application that introduced free cost internet-based calling and messaging. Instead of using your credit balance where fees get applied, WhatsApp mainly relies on Wi-Fi to receive and send calls and text messages.

It is compatible with all mobile devices, but it is also easily accessible from computers and Macs as long as the application on the phone is connected to Wi-Fi while they use it on a PC.

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What Is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web is a desktop version of your typical WhatsApp application, but later, due to the high traffic and request, the Nokia and iOS version was also released.

You can easily browse through your WhatsApp groups for messages and pictures from your laptops and computers. This new feature of WhatsApp is more for the users who wish to use the WhatsApp application from their browsers at home or work. However, this application does the same job as the WhatsApp smartphone application.

WhatsApp Web is usable on all web browsers. All you have to make sure is that the cellphone is connected to internet. It has no sign-up or sign-in process to follow.

Note: Ensure that cellphones and computers are both connected to a good internet connection.

WhatsApp Web Login Steps

  • Visit the official WhatsApp Web website https://web.whatsapp.com/
  • Open the WhatsApp Messenger application on your phone.
  • On your phone, click on the “Settings” option available in the top-right corner.
  • Tap on “WhatsApp Web“.
  • Scan the QR code shown on the computer screen from your phone.
  • To see the login history or to log out from any active computers, click on WhatsApp Web from your phone.

How To Logout WhatsApp On Web Browser?

  • Tap on the three vertical dots available on your laptop screen beside your WhatsApp profile picture.
  • From the given menu, click on “Logout” available at the last option.

WhatsApp Web Features

Read Messages Without Blue Tick

The blue tick is enabled through WhatsApp by default, which lets the receiver know that you have received the messages by a double tick and a blue tick indicates that you have opened the messages. Also, it shows the exact time and date of when you open the chat.

Steps To Disable Blue Tick

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your device.
  • On the top-right side of the screen, tap on the three dots available to access a drop-down menu.
  • Next, tap on “Settings” > “Accounts”.
  • Click on “Privacy” and toggle off “Receipts“.

Adjust Playback Speed And Volume

WhatsApp Web, unfortunately, does not provide users to dial calls like the WhatsApp application on your phone. However, users can send voice messages easily, which can be done by downloading a Chrome extension on your browser.

The Extension is called Zapp. It increases the volume of the voice messages and adjusts the playback speed of the audio.

WhatsApp Web Security

WhatsApp web provides you a way to connect with your separated families, share information, or search for a better life. Most of your moments are shared through WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp has built end-to-end encryption of users so that photos, media, attachments, documents, and videos are in the safest place possible. Not even WhatsApp itself has the authority to look into your information without your consent.

Personal Messaging

WhatsApp allowed conversation with each other through chat option. This encryption ensures that only the person you’re talking with has access to the information getting shared during the conversation.

With end-to-end encryption, all of your chats are automatically locked, and that lock can be opened by just you and the person you were talking to. All of this is an automated process. There isn’t any need to enable anything for this option as this is internally built.

How To Verify Phone Number on WhatsApp?

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Click on the Term and Privacy option and read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of WhatsApp.
  • Tap on “Agree” if you do.
  • Click on “Choose a Country“.
  • From the drop-down menu, scroll and select the country you’re from.
  • Enter the phone number you want to link WhatsApp from.
  • Click “Next” and then press “OK
  • Enter the verification code sent to the Phone number you provided.
  • If you didn’t receive the code, tap on “Call me” or “Resend SMS” which will then send you the code via automated call.
  • Enter your full name (Limit of 25 Characters)
  • Select a profile picture (Optional)
  • Hit “Done“.

How To Restore Chat History on WhatsApp?

Transferring old WhatsApp data is possible from your Google Drive or Cloud if you’re switching phones.

  • To restore the WhatsApp backup, Uninstall WhatsApp from your device.
  • Reinstall WhatsApp Messenger on your device.
  • When automatically prompted, click on the “Restore” option that will pop up to restore the media and data on your Google Drive or Cloud.
  • After the process is completed to restore, tap on “Next“.
  • All of your old chats with media will appear once the initializing is completed.
  • WhatsApp will automatically begin restoring all the files linked to your account once it’s fixed.

Note: If you install WhatsApp without backup sources, WhatsApp will automatically download data from your local backup.

How To Manage Notifications on WhatsApp?

  • Open the WhatsApp Web or Application on any device.
  • Click on the menu options available on the top-right of the screen.
  • From the menu, click on the Settings option and tap on Notifications.
  • From there, you can easily change the normal notification sounds, enable previews and turn on desktop alerts.

Note: Turning off all chats is also possible at a time of your choice. To turn it off, go to Alert And Sounds and click on the bell Icon to turn all chat notifications off.

Mute Individual Chats:

  • If you want to mute one particular group or a chat, open the group or chat you wish to mute.
  • On the right corner of the chat, click on options.
  • Tap on “Mute Notifications
  • Select the duration for which you want to chat to be muted.
  • Hit “Mute Notifications” to complete the process.

How To Update WhatsApp?

WhatsApp can be easily updated from the App Store or Google Store (depending on the device you’re using.) Remember that if you receive an email or a notification that your version can’t support, you should instantly update WhatsApp.


  • Go to the Google Play Store/ App Store and type “WhatsApp Messenger” in the search box available on the screen.
  • Click on the first option that shows up.
  • If you already have WhatsApp downloaded, and you need an update, tap on the “Update” option next to the name of WhatsApp Messenger.

Stolen Accounts

WhatsApp advises users not to share any verification codes with third-party applications or even family and friends. WhatsApp will never ask you for any verification codes through email.

If, by chance, you were tricked into giving out the code to somebody and can’t regain access to your account, follow the instructions to restore access.

Suppose you even have a slight suspicion that somebody else is using your account, or you have locked yourself out of your account. In that case, you should notify all the groups you’re in and friends and family too because the hacker can impersonate you in chats and groups easily.

NOTE: On the good side, WhatsApp Messenger is end-to-end encrypted, so if someone else gets access to your account, he or she won’t be able to view any past conversations from a different device.

To prevent things like these from happening, make sure you put out these safety measures:

  • Enable the Two-Factor Authentication on your account.
  • Never share the verification code with anyone, not even family.
  • Protect your contact and data at all costs.


Q. Where Are Images And Documents Stored On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp stores all the received and sent media to your local backup on your phone, so once you lose your device, all your data is gone. It’s crucial to know where WhatsApp is storing your data, so you can easily make a backup of them on your Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud.

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