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Microsoft introduced Office 365 in 2001 with a few features and some tolls linking to it. But as soon as the competition rises with Google, the Office comes up with some extraordinary features which keep its application up-to-date all the time. The features which the Office has come up with are; Exchange Server, Share point, Lync, and VoIP. Office 365 is now used by 1.5 billion people across the globe.


Office 365 login process

Logging in to your office accounts requires very few basic steps, which are as follows;

  • Open your web browser and type office in the address bar.
  • Click on Sign-in.
  • Enter your login credentials (username and password).
  • As the next window opens, select any of the services which you wish to open in Office.


Either you are logging in through Pc or mobile applications, the steps remain the same, although slight differences occur, which is easily understandable.

Office 365 Login Through mobile Application

The steps shown above can be applied when logging in on Pc, although while using Office through a mobile application, steps might differ in some ways, which are as follows;

  • Install Microsoft office 365 on your mobile phone.
  • Move towards the “Settings” icon on your mobile phone.
  • Head towards Accounts.
  • Tap exchange and add your Microsoft Accounts.

This step will set up your office account through a mobile phone application.

Steps to Sign up Office 365 Account

This process is inclusive of few basic steps, which are as follows;

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Head towards Microsoft office website
  3. Look towards the middle of the screen and click on Buy Office.
  4. It comes up with three different categories which are;
    Office 365 Personal
    Office 365 Home
    Office 365 Student
  5. Select any one of these.
  6. Moving towards the next window, the Sign-in option appears.
  7. Enter the email address and a password to create a new account.
  8. Ensure that the password you have entered is strong enough.

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Issues And Problems In Office 365

Talking about all the advantages of an application is impossible, as every application has drawbacks. On the one hand, where Office 365 is offering a bunch of features to benefit its customers, on the other hand, it has some issues as well which need to be resolved as well.

There are a few Errors/Issues that may spoil this application’s reputation. It might get resolved at the correct time. Most people get irritated when they face such situations. Few of the errors are displayed here with their easy solutions.

User Error

It happens plenty of times when you face an error that the server cannot recognize your username or password. When you cannot afford to waste time in certain situations, these acts create irritation. Whenever this situation occurs, you might check the following.

  1. Check you ID
  2. Check your password

Either you are entering the wrong surname, or the password is incorrect. Clicking on two many wrong attempts may result in blocking your ID. A better way to resolve this issue is to sit and remember the correct ID and password or head towards resetting your account, which will automatically change all your settings to default.

Forgotten ID Or Password

In certain situations, when you have forgotten your username or password, this might result in the user’s panic as most people store their confidential data in it. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how to recover their forgotten passwords or usernames.

There are two ways to reset the whole account, which saves the data but removes the old username and password, and all the credentials are added with a new processor. You can click on forgot password which will send a code on the phone number or an alternate email provided when signing up for your account.
Any of these steps can quickly recover your username or password, and the point is that your data won’t get affected through these steps.

Recovery Page

However, if you are using any of the applications linked to Microsoft, then most of your data can be saved through the recovery page. All it takes is to complete the registration process of the recovery page. The majority of the people are unaware of this recovery page and lose their critical data.

The recovery page is usually helpful when your account gets locked. It happens for various reasons, out of which the most common is failed login attempts, as you have been trying with the wrong password so many times might result in locking your account. If your account is closed, you cannot log in through actual usernames and passwords.

The recovery page is the only way through which you could be saved. This process includes a few questions to answer, which require your computer IP address and account login information.

The recovery page only works when you have filled the registration form. Login issues and the issues within the account lockage can be quickly recovered through the recovery page. All it takes is that you must register at the recovery page.

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Differentiate Between Office 365 And Microsoft 365

Offering too many applications might be beneficial for the users, but offering somewhat similar names can be confusing. Recently Microsoft offered “Microsoft365” despite already available Office 365.

As Microsoft has seen, their competitor applications are gaining progress day by day, and at this time, if they have lost in any of the aspects, they will lose their users. We are breaking down the two applications to differentiate among them.

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Office 365

This application has a bunch of services to offer. One of its most famous offerings is Microsoft outlook, word, excel, and PowerPoint. It is a paid application, and the apps offered are according to the paid plan you have selected. Some of its primary offerings are;

  1. Teams
  2. Sharepoint
  3. Onedrive
  4. Planner

And many more.

Moving towards the subscription cost of Office 365 so it has a variety here. You pay as per the apps you wish to have in your plan, and then it is provided based on a monthly subscription.

The cost might range from $5 per month to $35 per month. You can change your plans at any time, based on cost changes. Also, you can add applications as per your voice if you could not select from the methods already provided.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft already has too much to offer in terms of its features previously. And as Microsoft 365 was introduced, some new advances were made. A confusing term is that Microsoft 365 includes office 365 in itself. Coming towards some of the significant application which Microsoft 365 is providing are;

  1. Enterprise Mobility and Security EMS
  2. Windows 10 Enterprise
  3. Machine Learning

If we look towards the cost factor of Microsoft 365, it is a bit expensive with a $20 per month subscription. Perhaps you can choose applications as per your preferences and change afterward.

If you cannot find any plan that fits your needs, you can buy a license for all the services provided, which will give you access to all the offerings.

Which Is The Best?

It is pretty challenging to decide between these two applications as the offerings are almost the same, and the interface is attractive for both applications.

Still, if we look towards the factors to decide between these two, then it depends on the situation; if you’re using the separate pieces of Microsoft 365, then you can get a license for those and use them. If you want access to all the offerings of Microsoft 365 applications, you should buy it, and if you wish to purchase the applications of office 365, you can get the license of office 365.

There isn’t any drawbacks to buying any of these applications. All it depends on your need and the budget you have planned to invest in them Both of the applications allow you to change the plan in the future or, whenever you like, add the applications you want there.

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How Office 365 Is different From the Previous Version Of Office?

Office 2019

Previous versions of Office offered Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint, but the only drawback was that they couldn’t be upgraded to the next level. Also, it deals in one time-payment, and if you wish to buy the upgraded version, you have to pay the whole amount again.

It broke most of their users and forced them to stay in the previous version. The only update they could make was security updates. However, the offerings were kind of similar in both of their performances.

Office 365

On the other hand, the updated version of Office allows monthly subscriptions, updating the applications as soon as the update launches, easy plans, and can pick the service you wish to use. This updated version attracted most of its users to the application and increased its number.

Latest Up-Bringings Of Office 365

An application that does not have to offer too many updates frequently might collapse in a short time. It must be the strategy of every application owner to introduce more and more advanced to keep the user engaged. Similarly, Microsoft and Office 365 enhance features to increase its engagement.

Collaborating Online

Recently, a feature was introduced, allowing you to connect with several services of a similar application. It is helpful as you can link all the services together, which will enable you to transfer data from one to another service.

Also, if you wish to share your files with different users to work on them, you can share them on one drive or SharePoint, which lets others also make changes in it.

Using Office-App To Chat

Some organizations do not allow mobile phones and several social media applications to stop communicating within office hours. It is essential to discuss some time with your co-worker, and here is when the office chat feature helps you.

It does not stop here. The element of chatting also offers to share screen, video call, and send audio to them. This feature works when you have closed the application as well.

Use Links Of Large Files

Sometimes it is hectic to send huge files to your co-workers and create a mess. Most people aren’t aware of doing so and can result in losing the file. This updated feature allows just inserting the link of a particular film, and the receiver can open it through the link. It had done a hectic work, really effortless.

Converting Notes As Tasks

You can add notes to the calendar through this feature, which you can share with other colleagues. You can then assign several tasks to them as per the dates and set a reminder. It will keep you and the other workers updated.

Using Mouse As Laser While Presentations

This easy, easy step allows you to make your presentation look even more attractive and understandable. Press (Ctrl+P) will change your mouse as a laser pointer, which will help you a lot while giving a presentation.

Turning Excel Data Into Map

A feature of Power Map is being used, which enhances the data visualization effect in excel, and makes your data more effectively.

Making PDF

Editing and converting your files into PDF format has been made easy. All it takes is to go to the save option. It would offer you an option to save the folder as a PDF click on it.

Resume Word Documents Reading

This feature allows you to resume your reading from where you have left. It ultimately saves time and keeps you updated every time.

Massive Email Storage

Office allows to store up to 50 GB storage of emails, notes, calendars, and several different tasks.

Replying Without Opening The Email

Another time-saving feature that Office introduces is allowing you to reply to the email without opening it. Suppose you know what the email is, and you have to respond immediately. You can easily read it without opening it and replying as well.

Working Offline

This feature allows you to work without the internet on your documents and make the changes and adjustments later on as soon you get connected to the internet.

Linking Several Devices

Suppose that you have a computer, laptop and mobile phone as well. You cannot carry all these at once every time. If you are somewhere out and need to work on a document urgently and link the Office on all your devices, you can work on a previous document from anywhere, anytime. You can also save the changes you have made from any of your linked devices.

Office Planner

It allows you to plan and organize your files and folders properly. It can help you remind the upcoming task and manage all your current files and folders.

Privacy And Security In Office 365

Applications that require your confidential data, either it might be the login credentials or any document which is stored online, must be vigilant in protecting that data as well. It is the time when you gain or lose a user. Keeping this factor in mind, Office 365 offers some extreme security services, which are displayed below;


This feature allows you to keep check and balance where your data is stored and who at Microsoft is allowed to watch your data.


Ediscovery allows you to create a legal case in a relatively shorter form of your file. Suppose that you have written a too long file, and due to some unfortunate reasons you have lost it, this legal case can help recover it or catch the one who has hacked it.
Also, it creates most of the significant points of your file, which can help you write it again if you have forgotten to save and closed the application.

Customer’s Lockbox

You can check how the person works if you have complained in the customer service through this feature. It also provides an option to accept or reject when the engineer asks for some confidential information. If you wish to [protect your data, and it seems as if it would get hacked, you can get it backed up elsewhere. As soon as the process is completed, then import it back again.

Microsoft Defender

It works as an antivirus that protects your computer and office activities from malware and several security threats. We know that these viruses can easily result in data loss, so keeping it updated and scanning, again and again, would be helpful. It defends your folders from malware as well.

Securing the data and remaining the privacy of the data are linked, as confidentiality is retained when the data is secured enough. Looking towards the features Microsoft is offering, with all the features and attractive interface, it also provides excellent plans to protect your data.

Office 365 Login Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification allows you to keep your account much more secure. While signing up for your account requires an alternate email or mobile number. For instance, you have lost your mobile phone or forgotten your password, and you don’t have any other way to log in, then through two-step verification, a code is sent to your number or that email, which soon lets you log in to your account.

It does not just happen when you have forgotten your password, but also when you have lost your mobile or Pc. It prevents hackers from logging into your account.

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Two-Step Verification In Office 365

Microsoft uses Multi-Factor Authentication two verify your account every time you log in to it. It sends a code on the number and email, and if you are unable to enter the code, the account does not log in.

Turn-On Two-Step Verification

This process is inclusive of few steps, which are as follows;

  1. Open Google Account.
  2. Head towards the Navigation Panel.
  3. Select Security under the Navigation Panel.
  4. Follow the steps displayed on the screen.

Soon this process will lead you to turn your Two-Step Verification on.

Turn-Off Two-Step Verification

To disable Two-Step Verification, follow the steps below;

  • Head towards Google “Settings“.
  • Click on “Manage Your Accounts“.
  • Select “Security“.
  • Sign in, and then select Two-Step Verification.
  • Select “Turn Off“.
  • A confirmation message will appear. Click OK.

Logging Out Office 365


However, very few people face this situation and are logging out of their office account. Still, some of the user’s wishbone delete or log out their office account but are unaware of the steps to log out.

To proceed with this process, follow the current steps;

  • This step requires you to the first login into your account.
  • Look towards the top right corner on the profile icon.
  • Click to open the account details.
  • As the drop-down menu opens. Scroll down towards sign pout.
  • Click OK to the confirmation message.

This process remains the same whether you are logging out through a browser or mobile application. All it takes is to head towards the account option, scroll down to sign out, and click OK. It will immediately sign out your Office 365 Account.


Q: Why should we use Office 365?
A: Compared to so many other applications and their features, this is one of the oldest, reliable, and offers monthly subscriptions at lower rates. The services this application is offering are helpful in every aspect of life. The variety of features Office offers, any other applications isn’t offering up till now.

Q: Can we sign up for dual accounts at one time in office 365?
A: Yes, you can log in at two accounts but from different browsers. If you are trying to log in through a single browser, it won’t happen.

Q: What is the alternatives if Office 365:
A: However, this is the best application with monthly subscriptions and excellent features. Still, there are some alternatives of it which are as follows;

  1. G Suite
  2. WPS Office
  3. Open Office
  4. Word Perfect
  5. I work
  6. Only Office

Q: Is Office 365 safe?
A: This one of the significant aspects which an application should consider is whether the application containing all confidential information is safe or not. This one of the safest applications that use several tools to protect your data, even if you lost your mobile phone for login credentials.

Q: What is the purpose of the Recovery Page?
A: The recovery page allows a few registration steps at the time of sign up, which becomes useful if your phone is stolen or you have lost your account. This page helps to recover your data.

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