Microsoft Is Fixing Updates In Windows 11

Microsoft is working on fixing the process of updating Windows 11. It has introduced an AI-Enhanced system that streamlines the process and makes it more fluent.

Windows 11 Updates Fixes

Update Sizes Have Been Reduced

Microsoft has announced among its users that the update size of the new windows 11 has been reduced up to 40% than the previous one. This means that the process has been made much more intelligent. So every time you search for a Windows 11 update, it correctly checks the files present on the local system.

Through this, the system will automatically download only parts not present in the local system. So you get an edge as irrelevant or similar files do not get downloaded on your device. With this, the updates become smaller and reduce redundancies as well.


Updates Will Use Less Background Activities

Many Windows 10 users were facing this issue that the background activities were taking more time as these activities resulted in slower performance of the PC. Microsoft has now come up with a fix with Windows 11 that will handle the background activities without affecting the performance of your PC.

So basically, Microsoft has removed all the unwanted background activities affecting the performance by compiling all the default applications.

The remaining apps are stored as stubs, meaning they would be only downloaded if the user wants to download them. So this means that these stubs aren’t active in the background, so there isn’t any chance of these apps using background resources.

Updates Using AI-Powered Installation

One flaw that most Windows 10 users have faced is the constant reminder of the update, which might divert the user’s concentration. Microsoft has also fixed this update in Windows 11 by allowing Windows to handle the installation of the update.

So this means that Windows 11 would not show any reminder of updates when you are working on the PC, but it uses AI-Power that detects when the PC is free or not in use.

Then, it will ask for the updates and schedule a time as per your preferences. This means that updating your PC has become more accessible, reducing the constant reminder feature and scheduling it, and updating it automatically.

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