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Hotmail is one of the oldest emailing service which was invented by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1995. You can login to Hotmail through Outlook website because on April 3rd, 2013 Microsoft changed to ““.

Hotmail Login Process

Sign in steps has some instructions which are listed below;

  • Open Hotmail account through web browser.
  • Enter the username then click Next button.
  • Add password and hit the Hotmail login button.
  • It will take you to your email page.

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Hotmail Login Steps on Mobile Application

  • Open Hotmail mobile application.
  • Tap in the Get Started button.
  • This will show an option to Sync with Gmail, Skip that step.
  • Enter your correct username and password and click on Continue.
  • You have signed in to your Hotmail account.

Hotmail Sign in Issues And Their Solutions

An application having so many advantages might be having disadvantages and some complications as well. Sometimes it happens. As soon as you move towards Sign in, to your Hotmail account, an unfortunate error occurs out of nowhere which irritates a lot. Usually, this error occurs when you are entering the wrong sign up details, this issue can be resolved easily by adding the correct one.

This problem creates a big issue when you have forgotten your password. To solve this issue, you might click on forgot password and an alternate email or mobile number provided before you can recover your account or add a new password and open your account.

This error also occurs if the server is down. To resolve this issue, you might wait for a while, close Hotmail or proceed towards restarting your PC.

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There are a bunch of reasons out of which a few of them are displayed here;

  • This web mailing service can be accessed from any browser.
  • Hotmail is available in 10 different languages.
  • Hotmail requires internet connection.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can have unlimited Hotmail Accounts for free.

This just does not stop here when we talk about the latest advancements Hotmail has made. From collaborating several documents in through google docs to editing and replying from the same window, Hotmail has changed a lot.

Hotmail Security

Applications that use your confidential information should be a secure and a trustworthy app. If we are providing such information, definitely the data stored in it would be even more important. Hotmail needs to be vigilant enough because this is where either you lose or gain customers.

Hotmail falls under one of the most secure emailing services in terms of Security and privacy factor, which only scans your messages to display advertisements as per your interest.

It has been concluded that Hotmail is one of the most secure email applications, which protects all of your Sign in credentials adequately.

Why Stands Out?

Among all of the emailing services, the question arises how does this old service survive in the market. But Hotmail has updated itself every time a new feature is launched to retain in the market. This just does not stop here but has the technology created its advancement this is Hotmail who has always updated its features.

Features that make it distinct from other are listed below:

  • Hotmail offers its usage in several languages.
  • Hotmail can be accessed through any browser.
  • Hotmail offers a friendly interface.
  • Hotmail allows you to open and edit files through a similar platform.

Although most of these features were offered by other email services as well, a huge amount of people are on Hotmail, and switching accounts can be hectic in many ways in terms of data transfer and communication failure. Keeping this in mind, people are happy with new updates of Hotmail and prefer to use it.

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Benefits Of Hotmail Application

Focusing on previous hard work of Hotmail, which is trying its best to introduce more features and retain its potential customers. But only the people who are using the Hotmail account for a very long time are not ready to switch. Still, Hotmail covers a huge amount of its audience due to its features and the enhancement in that.

Personal Folders

Hotmail feature allows you to compile certain files together so that it is easy to find out by searching any folder.

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Avail Hotmail Office Support

Hotmail offers you to open all your Microsoft docs, slides, and sheets on the same page where you have opened the email address and can edit from the same page as well.

Socially Linked

Hotmail allows you to link all your social media applications with the email page working on one side. It also syncs all your events through social media applications you are linked to.

Fewer Ads

You might be irritated by displaying several advertisements, again and again. Logout Steps

This process is covered with few basic steps, which are as follows;

  • Head towards opening your Hotmail account.
  • Look at the top right corner of your Hotmail page.
  • Click on your picture icon above.
  • A drop-down menu appears. Scroll down to Logout.

It will immediately sign out your Hotmail account.

This process remains the same while Signing out through mobile, PC or laptop.


Q: Why should we choose a Hotmail account instead of any other email services?

A: Compared with all the email services, Hotmail is one of the oldest free email services that is still offering many updates and meeting the people’s needs. If we look at the majority, people have Hotmail accounts from the start, which shows that they have an amount of data stored.

They do not prefer to switch. With this aspect, Hotmail is also working hard to provide new features and updates to them to get all the facilities within one platform.

Q: How new updates in Hotmail create a difference?

A: As soon as the technology moves towards its advancement, if any of the applications does not adopt it, this would spoil their market. As there are too many substitutes of single applications which are working hard to provide better features and looking for one drawback of the other product.

Similarly, Hotmail kept on introducing new features as per the user’s demands which forced them to stay on this platform, and this was the plus point of Hotmail.

Q: Is Hotmail the safest email service?

A: This is where an application gains trust when they are sure that their confidential information is protected. Similarly, Hotmail protects your Sign up details by two-step verification and the data stored in it. Hotmail is using Two-Step Verification to keep the data safe.

Q: How does Hotmail handle huge files?

A: Hotmail has linked itself with Sky-drive, which helps it to deal with huge files containing data up to 10GB.

Q: How advanced features of Hotmail are saving time?

A: The advanced features available in Hotmail allow you to perform most of the tasks within a similar window. It does not require changing the window, which takes a lot of time. From working on similar documents to opening videos through links on the same page, Hotmail has taken its features to a whole new level.

Q: Is communicating through email address a better option than social media application?

A: In comparison with social media applications, email communication is much more safe. As everyone is aware of the communication platform provided by social media applications which is not secure and gets hacked easily whereas communication through email uses several security methods to protect the users confidentials.

Communicating something which needs to be secure should be done through email and chatting can be done through social media application.

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